View Full Version : Episode 3 glitch - Cannot exit principal's room?

9th Jul 2015, 05:49
Hey so I was playing Life is Strange and I was at the part where Max places a pipe bomb on the principal's door. I do what I am supposed to and run inside and rewind time. However, once I'm there I'm stuck. Whenever I try to unlock the door the option either doesn't appear or appears very quickly and disappears before I can do anything. If I try to rewind time and do it again, or reload from the previous checkpoint, or even exit the game and reenter, the same exact thing will happen. I can't exit the room or even snoop until I let Chloe in, and I can't do that unless I can unlock the door, which I can't. This never happened before on any episode of the game, just now. Can anyone give me some advice, because I really don't see how I can progress through the game otherwise.

PS. I read here that it could be due to anti-aliasing? But I went through the steps, and I think mine is already turned off? So either I did something wrong or it's coming from somewhere else.

10th Jul 2015, 06:30
Have you tried restarting the chapter from the main menu? i.e. "Play episodes" -> "Episode 3" -> "High School - Evening"

29th Jul 2015, 09:24
I was having the exact same problem with not being able to unlock the door but if you are using steam to play Life Is Strange launch it in safe mode by right clicking on it in your library and clicking on safe mode and it will give you the option after it saves you can go back to regular launch if you want because safe mode has lower graphics and is a window instead of full screen but it will get you through the glitch if you launch it in safe mode. Hope this helped