View Full Version : Looking for a Group (please read)

9th Jul 2015, 00:14

Im based in South America, originally from the UK, so im English speaking.

Im having a lot of trouble finding games due to the matchmaking problem in South America with this game.

However i've found if i have a friend or group in another region who invites me to there group i am able to join and play as normal.

Im willing to play competitively or for fun...

I love this game and i would be a great ally in any game i was invited too, im also always would be looking out for teammates rather than going for a lone wolfe type of game play.

My in game name is Apothys (with a picture of Khaine as my avatar) - if anyone want to add me as a friend i would be most grateful as i am finding it really hard to get into any games with the problem that exist at present with the games matchmaking.

I wouldn't hassle anyone who befriended me in game, just request an invite if i see them playing NOSGOTH and if not possible that would be fine.

I wouldn't normally put out such a pathetic call for friendship requests, but i just want to play and the current matchmaking games mechanics are making me desperate.

Thanks in advance.