View Full Version : Finished all missions

8th Jul 2015, 14:15
Hi All,

I've reached the end of the game, ie completed all the missions, but my standings on the leaderboard is on Platinum 1. I would like to know how to reach Assassin level. I've played the last mission over and over but my score on the leaderboard does not change. Do I need to delete and re-install the game and start all over?


9th Jul 2015, 15:26
Hey There,

If you deleted your App you will lose all your progress and that highscore is gonna be way tougher to beat.

Your leaderboard rank is based on your current highscore. If you complete a run without beating it, your rank will keep going down as other players go up.

Hope this answers your concerns

9th Jul 2015, 16:45
Thank you for your reply. It makes sense to me now why I haven't been able to move up the leaderboard.