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7th Jul 2015, 20:30
Hey guys,

Gen and I are leaving tomorrow for SDCC, we'll have tons of stuff for the fans! :D

We've just accounced that we're giving away those Lara Croft GO ViewMasters we made. You can see 3D screenshots of the game with it, they look A-MAZING!

If you're going to the event, make sure to secure yours on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/squareenixmontreal/posts/436141993240475

Hope to see you there!

Oh and I'll announce what we're doing at the event very soon! I think you'll like it! ;)

7th Jul 2015, 20:43
Wish I could go just to pick one of them pretty ViewMasters kits. D:

Can we look forward to news regarding the game during the event? Like a launch date? lol

8th Jul 2015, 03:38
I really, really wish I could be there! :( :D

8th Jul 2015, 15:15
Aww living in the UK sucks :@

9th Jul 2015, 15:04
Unfortuately, no big news coming from SDCC. We mostly wanted to meet fans and tell them about the game.

We'll be at the Square Enix Experience offsite with Nadyasonika, a famous cosplayer (https://www.facebook.com/nadyasonikacosplay) as she has prepared a special Lara Croft GO costume!

We might make more ViewMasters in the future though for other events! :D

9th Jul 2015, 15:08
Is there a chance to play the game at SDCC?

And awesome news about Nadyasonika, I've not heard of her before, but having flicked through her page, I can see she does some awesome cosplays :D

11th Jul 2015, 16:44
Excuse the double post...

Come visit @Nadyasonika at the Square Enix experience for #LaraCroft GO! Seventh and Market at #SDCC!


12th Jul 2015, 10:58
Excuse the double post...

that is an incredible well done cosplay of the Lara Go, love the way the lines are highlighted :worship:

12th Jul 2015, 11:09
that is an incredible well done cosplay of the Lara Go, love the way the lines are highlighted :worship:

Triangle boobs are back in business :D

28th Jul 2015, 19:05
Haha yuss! ^ I love the cosplay. :cool: