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5th Jul 2015, 09:18
So... this is not a whine thread, just an attempt on my own to get a point on Nosgoth actual situation.

First of all, i love this game. After 10 years it has been the only game which accomplished to let me play again with old friends on our free evenings, enjoying one more time and again the fact to stay together and laugh like it was on Ultima Online decades ago.

So, gg Nosgoth for this.

But now i would like to examine something that is not going very good.

I know this game it's just a spin off from a failed developed game, but the administration behind all of this is just getting ridiculous.

The game itself? Well it's just a TDM game with 4vs4 mode, nothing special but games like Unreal Tournament ar far simpler and they always have great success.

What about the classes in this game?
Vampires and Humans keep getting (ninja) tweaked every time. In a random mode that a specific vampire or human can get totally useless from dusk till dawn.
No effort seems to be taken by listening at player's feedback.

Performance Issues?
Yes, totally.
Personally i have 60 FPS in every situation, cause i'm lucky to have an updated PC every time. But people who can't, well shame on them. Crashes, bugs, lag and so on...

Team system...
I bought a clan tag name, and nothing came up since... years?
The party system was totally broken since some months ago, now it's working, but Matchmaking compensates for him.
Also if one of your teammates crashes, then prepare your whole team to restart Nosgoth cause the party system won't let your mate to rejoin in any way.

Game modes... oh Yeah... let's see...
Flashpoint (Dominion Mode): Was in Alpha testing i believe? It's gone now, no chance to get it back right now.
Capture the Body/Flag: Another Alpha testing.... everything was going well for some weeks then.... it reached limbo like Flashpoint.
Leagues: let me guess... an Alpha? No, the best bug festival of the last ten years. Nuff said.

The Fooooooorge
Years waiting for it. And now i don't want it anymore.
You can't create nothing useful. Bonus/malus system is totally random. Item creation/melting it's just basilar as it is to build a wall in The Sims. Yet, another thing that seems to be abandoned to itself there...

And i could go on even more. Two more classes should be added, but no one knows anything about them. Cosmetics effects and skills keep getting updated in the store for real money.

But the overall impression is that this wonderful game is being abandoned. That a tired dev team is just inserting random things without any precise plan to go on and survive.

Anyway i'll keep playing since the servers are up. And if the game will have to switch to P2P to survive, well i'll pay my part.

16th Jul 2015, 21:36
Well the few but loyal players who want to play Flashpoint are getting screwed because we have to have a roofcamp League. The Forge is very rough and not too well thought out.