View Full Version : Game freezing

4th Jul 2015, 03:25
Hi guys,
I am also having a freezing problem! :mad:

After completing the "secure the Typhoon" mission and talking to Malik, then taking off in the copter the game sorta freezes up on the following cutscene.

The sound locks on a repeat and there's a skylight that sweeps the sky normal like, but the scene itself is frozen. I can't do anything except click on "skip" and when I do I get a scene with Jensen and Malik outside the now landed copter
and though both are animated (not frozen), there's no dialog, no dialog options, and that same sound still repeating!

I have run Steam's game cache verification and it says all is ok, can someone please help me!

(OH - and when I then try to exit the game my computer locks up on the exit screen!):eek:

My specs are:

Acer Aspire E 17
Pentium quad-core CPU N3540 (2.66GHz)
Intel HD graphics
4 GB DDR3 L Memory
Well, seems I may have solved the problem myself! :p
Seems that my copy of DX:HR just don't like Direct X 11! :nut: