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3rd Jul 2015, 20:25
Thought this might be a good idea, one thread devoted to any chat about this specific level.

Just started playing Desert Ruins, and it's hard!

Those stupid huge rolling balls... and two metal gate-things closing but you have to watch carefully to choose the right one...

In general, it seems like the increased difficulty is because there are events forcing you to make decisions faster, with less time to make them.

The sandstorms are like a constant Curse! Hmm, that would make a good curse actually, a stronger sandstorm! That'd be brutal!

4th Jul 2015, 03:32
So I'm finding that the Desert Ruins level definitely has noticeable performance lag compared to the Jungle Temple level, when playing on my iPad Air. I turned off the Record with Everyplay option, and that seems to be helping.

4th Jul 2015, 06:38
Oh my this boss!

4th Jul 2015, 13:46
I get performance issues mostly in the outside areas, probably because of all the sandstorm.

I think I prefer Jungle Temple over this to be honest. I like that there are two very distinct environments (surface and underground) but I find the underground to be a lot more repetitive than anything the Jungle throws at you. Plus the whipping sand enemies more often than not kill me lol.

6th Jul 2015, 22:23
I do like the Jungle Temple level better as well. Just visually, I felt like it was a lot more interesting to look at. There's stuff in this level I like, but I feel like the Jungle Temple level is a richer, more alive, more detailed level.

I have so many comments on both levels, I just haven't had the chance to start writing them up yet. And screenshots. HUNDREDS of screenshots :p

8th Jul 2015, 21:21
I've still got like 5 relics left to get before I can unlock this level, my iPod sucks :lol: