View Full Version : TIP: How to get those Weapon Parts Quicker !!

3rd Jul 2015, 13:42
Thought I'd post this to help my fellow Snipers !!

If you're struggling to get Weapon Parts to unlock the next Rifle in your arsenal because it's taking AGES to win from the Roulette Wheel then you can try this simple TIP.....

1. Start the Level and Kill the Mark / Target straight away, DON'T complete any of the other objectives,
2. Because you've killed the Mark / Target the Roulette Wheel will still spin for you,
3. If there are Weapon Parts on the Wheel then simply repeat #1 above and you'll get another spin,
4. Keep doing this until you've cleared the Roulette Wheel of ALL Weapon Parts.

Once you've collected ALL Weapon Parts from the Wheel then simply complete the level properly to move-on to the next Level / Mission and repeat #1 again, if you have decided to clear the Wheel of ALL Weapon Parts then most of the time there won't be any Parts on the Wheel for another couple of Missions (roughly 2-3) but keep trying as I've said so you don't miss any, then when there are Parts on the Wheel again simply repeat #1&4 again etc. etc. !!

This will help you to get those missing Weapon Parts a little quicker, along with a little extra in-game Cash as well !!


Did you know that you can add more spin the Roulette Wheel if you Swipe your finger over it (from Right to Left) while it's spinning to speed it up or wait until it's about to stop and if it looks like it's about to land on a Question Mark (Cash only) THEN Swipe it and sometimes you can get it to land on a Weapon Part instead ok !?

!! Hope you like the Tips & Hope they Help............Good Luck & Happy Sniping !! :cool: