View Full Version : USER INTERFACE More clarity.

10th Aug 2014, 16:02
I wish there was more clarity in the description of abilities. For instance, for a Deciever's Backstab, it tells you the base damage, but not the bonus damage you gain from attacking from behind. Another example is the way a Deceiver's Shroud tells you it damages in an AOE when it's active, but never actually says how much damage it does. If you could clarify things like that, it would help this game a lot ^^

10th Aug 2014, 17:41
I absolutely agree with you. That type of information should be more accessible.

If I recall correctly, the developers have taken this on a "noted community suggestions" list, so potentially we'll get something happening with that once they get their main priorities implemented.

10th Aug 2014, 17:46
First off I would like to say that I am enjoying this game a lot! The term Pay2win is thrown about a lot these days with free2play games and this game gives you the option to earn the things you can buy from the start, which once you have more experience playing, pays off. Kudos to that!

I would like to suggest that when you use the mouse to hover over items and settings, that you get a more information about the item or option.

For example, if an item is only going to last a period of time, it should tell you this so you can make a better choice.
In the settings for graphics and so on, there should be information on what the option actually does, therefore you can choose whether it is important enough to be in-game effecting your graphics.

This is only a small suggestion that I feel will make a decant impact.