View Full Version : Nosgoth Leagues Alpha Starts Today (July 2)

2nd Jul 2015, 15:36
Today's game update brings with it the start of a brand new exciting feature for Nosgoth – League Rankings. The Leagues system gives all players the chance to try some competitive ranked matches in the game, and earn goodies in the process.

With this initial Alpha release, we’ll be turning the Leagues mode on during specific times, and running this for one week. This is the initial Alpha test of the feature, where we’ll be looking for YOUR feedback! For more detailed information on how Leagues work, check out this blog (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/intro-to-ranked-play) from Jonathan Osbourne, Designer at Square Enix Montreal.


League – What Is It?

Our League feature is a season-based ranking system, where you can play matches against others, and get placed in a ladder system depending on how well you perform. Our initial Alpha run of the feature is for a "Solo Series", where you play competitive matches and work your way up the ladder system, proving your individual skill.

How Do I Take Part?

We’ll be running an initial Alpha session for a week, from Thursday July 2nd through Wednesday July 8th , during this specific time window each day.

11am PST to 8pm PST / 7pm BST to 4am BST

Use this converter (http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/event?lid=8&h=8&sts=23930340&sln=11-20&a=show&euid=abda918f-784b-f844-09b9-00544d7235ab) to check local times.
During those times, all you’ll need to do is click on PLAY and then LEAGUES , to access the new competitive matches. Once you’ve played a few matches, we’d really love to hear what you think, so join the discussions on our forums or social media pages and share your feedback! What you want from Leagues will really define where we take it, but you can read more about that in our other blog update (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/intro-to-ranked-play).

You mentioned goodies…

Everyone that helps test out our Leagues Alpha will receive double XP in that game mode, helping you level up faster. If you complete 5 competitive matches during our League Alpha/Beta, you’ll also get a special player banner. That banner is only available during these initial tests Alpha/Beta tests.


We have updated the drops in Ranked mode, so it includes new exclusive Occult items (with a Witchfire effect).

We’ll be updating you all with a lovely screenshot once it’s ready, but we’ll also be adding a free awesome Hunter skin during the Beta phase that you’ll be able to unlock for free by hitting the “GOLD” rank.

Join us today for the Alpha release of League Rankings, and the start of an exciting new chapter for Nosgoth.

2nd Jul 2015, 19:02
anyone else not able to find a ranked match, been waiting like 1o minutes now :(

10th Jul 2015, 15:34
A big thank you to everyone for joining our Nosgoth League Alpha release! We'll share more detail soon on the next phase (Beta) :)

10th Jul 2015, 16:14
Honestly, can´t wait for Beta now, hopefully it will be not long. Collecting points was fun! Hopefully the issues we encountered will be addressed too:)