View Full Version : [Spoilers]Mysterious target on rightmost building (not Rogue Agent: Tuulia Hernandez)

2nd Jul 2015, 05:32
I may be mistaken but one time I was playing a mission I was randomly killing guards at the leftmost building and as soon as I was checking Tuulia's movements on the rightmost building I saw a purple target dressed in a white suit walking on the second floor (same floor as the two other guards and the girl sitting by the laptop near the couches and oil lamps). I killed him the instant I saw him. I did not take note at the time because I was outside at the mall just playing the game waiting for some friends and totally disregarded it. Now I can not redo anything I did to make the target reappear. Any ideas guys? Message me if you want to refrain from spoiling.

2nd Jul 2015, 14:43
Wow you guys are discovering so much stuff!!!

I'm told Vincent Krug, if the computer he usually uses doesn't work might go in the right building from time to time!

That's probably what you saw! Hope this answers your question! ;)

2nd Jul 2015, 16:00
I figured it out no bonuses though but he keeps pacing around and calling someone then disappears again, he does not interact with the laptop here need to go back on 47 to track him some more :lmao::

2nd Jul 2015, 18:43
I confirm that this target will get on the right building if he got caught messing with the laptop .... Am nearly 99% sure now ...