View Full Version : Episode 3 (360) - Too Many Bugs To Name

2nd Jul 2015, 03:28
So before I say anything. Let me state simply that I love this story. Absolutely love it.

Second off. I've reloaded, uninstalled the episode, reinstalled the episode... Uninstalled LIS all together, reinstalled it. Played through it a few times and ultimately after getting through all the bugs... I get stopped in my tracks.

So here are my issues:

1) The light sources on campus. The lamps... All black boxes. Even some light sources inside are black boxes.

2) Audio error. At two poi ts in the episode the subtitles cut, and the audio went into gibberish mode. Seriously... Couldnt hear a bloody thing they were saying. The two points in question are... A) immediately entering the school with chloe, the dialogue leading into the office is inaudible. B) at Chloes, the "side with chloe" audio is also inaudible (the side with David is not).

3) Graphic Rendering... So many issues. First problem arose when getting out of the pool. Max turns invisible-ish. She looks more like a transparent model... Except you can see her bra, hair, and some really weird shape for a head. The second time this happens is at Chloe's when you change into Rachel's outfit. I can't explain what it looks like... Its odd. The final time is upon leaving David's garage. She turns into braveheart with a half white face and half blue face.

4) Lastly the game breaker. Upon making my choice at Chloe's house after breakfast, i go to leave Chloe's house. When I press my A button, the loading screen comes up as usual, and than freezes.

As mentioned above, I tried several things on my own and even tried waiting it out while i slept for the night... Still nothing.

My 360 has been and still does work fine. There has been no issues with any other episode, or any other content on my console. I'd appreciate any help or guidance that could be given to me because i would hate to think that i wont be able to play the rest of the series due to this episode being broken to me.

And again. Ive reloaded, reinstalled, tried to playthrough a couple times. Even did another playthrough on another profile. Nothing.

3rd Jul 2015, 12:55

That's an extensive list of issues you are experiencing. This is the first we have heard of a user experiencing so many bugs with their 360 version.

We will be releasing a patch which will improve memory usage for old gen consoles, which might help. I don't have a date of when that will be going out but I will update you when I do.

Have you tried playing Life is Strange on someone else's 360 or do you know of anyone else experiencing this amount of issues?

Have you installed the latest patches (fixes music) for 360?

Lastly, how old is your Xbox 360? (white, elite or slim model?)

25th Jul 2015, 21:26
this is happening to me too, i havent had the audio error but i've had the other ones.
the first time i did the breakfast scene and it crashed the only bugged thing was max's clothes but after loading the game again, max's face is blue and white, the subtitles didnt appear and neither the decisions and it keeps crashing
really good game and i still wanna play it but i cant :'(
(i have the latest patch, i have the white model and havent tried it on other xbox)

31st Jul 2015, 08:53

Can I ask that you log this issue with our support team? They will be best suited to resolving this issue for you. You can reach them at sqex.to/support

Many thanks