View Full Version : FF Type 0 HD - PSN HELP

1st Jul 2015, 16:16

I was just wondering if anyone knew if the digital version of FF Type 0 HD on the PSN still comes with a FFXV demo code or not. It just got a price drop to $49.99 and I am inches away from buying it. I just wanted to see if the demo code is still included though. It seems like it would be since they are updating the demo?

Any help would be great, thanks! :worship:

1st Jul 2015, 17:49
As far as I can see, nothing indicates that the demo is still available with the digital download of Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PSN.

1st Jul 2015, 18:09
I had noticed it wasn't in the product description, so I guess there's only one way to find out!

Thanks for the second set of eyes!