View Full Version : [Episode 1 Spoilers] Stuck in Time - Accidently Froze Time in Episode 1 Bug

1st Jul 2015, 00:00
Spoilers because the name of the blue haired girl isn't revealed until later.

This is the scene after Chloe gets shot and you go back into class. I answered "I need to go to the bathroom", rewound time and then answered "I feel sick". I waited for his response, he answered for one sentence and then I spammed the space bar. At the end I held down right click (while the screen was still fast forwarding), and the result was I became stuck in time.

Max is continuously saying stuff like "I can't stop here" and "Either I rewind or I cancel". Any attempt to rewind time (control or right mouse button) results in the "No rewinding allowed!" icon to appear. This in combination with the shift key does nothing.


Attempting to fast forward results in the screen flashing white and nothing else happening.


I have not yet attempted to re-create this situation.

Edit: Following these steps I was unable to re-create the occurrence.

3rd Jul 2015, 12:57

We recommend doing a fresh install of the game. Remove all files and re-install from Steam