View Full Version : Cosmetic Skins Sale (June 30 - July 6)

30th Jun 2015, 16:58
Last week, we requested your feedback on which cosmetic skins you'd like to see go on sale in Nosgoth, and we got a great response from the community. That poll ended about a day ago, and we are happy to announce we'll be running a special week-long sale on the top five community-voted skins!

In order, the below skins were the five most popular ones (according the poll results), and will be placed on sale at a 25% discount for one week, starting today.

1. Deceiver - Imperial Guard Vestments


2. Scout - Marksman’s Regalia


3. Summoner - Gilded Corpse


4. Scout - Assassin’s Shroud


5. Summoner - Robes of the Imperial Guard


30th Jun 2015, 17:54
Why not a skin for every class? Only difference in this sale from the last few is summoner skins on sale for first time....I think. I guess its good for new players.

30th Jun 2015, 19:28
I have to agree, the 5 skins should've been chosen by most voted skin for the top 5 classes.

2nd Jul 2015, 09:58
If we can do another vote (if this is received well) another time, I can look at splitting it out. For this one, we wanted to leave it entirely up to the players to pick which skins they wanted.