View Full Version : Cannot install

28th Jun 2015, 12:37
Hi all, I cannot install this game,I have samsung galaxy s5 with cyanogenmod. In google play store i cant see this game. thanks for help and sorry for my english...

29th Jun 2015, 00:47
That's strange as it's definitely there, have you updated your Google Play Store to the latest version or maybe there's a conflict somewhere if you're using a custom ROM !?

Have you tried going to Google.com via your phones browser to see if it appears that way, if so, then simply log-in and download !?

Hope this helps and you get it sorted soon as this is another quality instalment to the Hitman Franchise, so if you like the others you will like this one !!

29th Jun 2015, 15:54
I can confirm we are supporting the Galaxy S5.

Why you are not seeing it might be because of your custom OS, it's hard to say really.

Hope this helps.