View Full Version : Promoting this Forum Address !!??

28th Jun 2015, 01:09
Just a quick question/suggestion to the Devs.....

I thought it might be a good idea if you were to add this Forums Web Address to the Random Tips pop-ups that we get in-game while waiting for each level to load, this way every active player will know there's an Official place to chat and get more info, help and tips etc. thus helping the forum community to grow as well !!

What do you think ??

29th Jun 2015, 15:33
We've heard you!

It's a great idea and the community really is starting to use the forums and it makes me very happy!

I'll make sure everyone is redirected here.

1st Jul 2015, 01:36
Thanks for the reply and in-put, you're right it is starting to pick-up, the game is still pretty new so there's plenty of time yet !! :cool:

Hope to see the address with the Random Tips in-game soon !!

Thanks Again Nicolas !!