View Full Version : How are the Leader Board scores worked out ??

27th Jun 2015, 17:52
Hopefully I can get an answer from a Developer on this.....

I was wondering exactly how the Leader Board Scores are worked out because I went from Rank 10 to 15 without ANY change or increase in Rank or Points, instead I had a downward pointing Red Arrow next to my name indicating that I've dropped in Rank/Points when I had exactly the same as before plus no-one else above or below me had changed either !?!?

I'm an Android Player and I log-in using Google NOT Facebook but I've been told that they run/work the same.....Yes/No !?

29th Jun 2015, 15:25
Hey there!

Your Sniper Rank has no bearing on your overall leaderboard score.

The red arrow simply means you leaderboard ranking has gone down, usually happens if your score hasn't changed for more than a day.

Hope this answers your question!

1st Jul 2015, 01:57
I thought our Sniper Rank might play some part in our Online Scoring but ok !!

Also, I understand what the arrow means but.....How exactly is our Online Leader Board Score worked out, as I average about 3-5mill per round so-far, depending on the tasks/mission, and I've completed over 10 different missions before and my online score STILL didn't change !?

Surely what we do, how much we score and our performance percentages per round etc. should all be slowly adding to our over-all Online Scores and thus making a difference with each round we play !?

Otherwise what's the point in trying to score big or in fancy ways if it makes no difference, I hope we're not all just getting scored the same whenever we hit certain points in the game.....If this is the case then how can anyone be classed as 1st !?!?

1st Jul 2015, 02:12
Its hard for me too I average 10mill a game there are a lot more players coming in were are 10,000 we will be at 100,000+ or actually we are...(im certain the #1 player is at a 40-50mill highscore!)