View Full Version : Ambiguity and Limitations of Max's powers

27th Jun 2015, 12:43
Wondering what the limitations of Max's powers are.

We tend to think of her 'rewinding' as her going back in time, but in fact it's technically the opposite. Max doesn't actually go back in time physically, everything else does around her (except what she's touching), while she stays in place. Also, she doesn't seem to be able to move from the spot while she's rewinding, as if she has to be at a fixed point in space while the rest of the world is whirling around her at speed. She's the still eye of the tornado, if you will. She stays where she is and anything she touches stay with her unaffected by the rewind rather than going backwards, too.

So, if she is touching a human when she uses her power, would they stay with her unaffected at that fixed point as well? Surely not or she would have already tried that with Chloe. Maybe just objects, then, not people.
Then how big an object can it be, and how does she need to be touching it?
Does she have to be holding/carrying it or just have physical contact?

For instance, if Max's body stays still at a fixed point when she rewinds, what would happen if she used her power while she was travelling in a car? Would she suddenly be outside of the car (in front of it) given the car would reverse back in time, but she would need to stay put? Or would the car stay still with her in place when she rewinds (because she's touching it), meaning to everyone else the whole car would appear to teleport forward with her in it? And if that's the case, would any other passengers in the car stay with her, too, (meaning she can in fact rewind with other people), or would they suddenly all get dumped outside behind the car?

Hypothetically, if Chloe and Max were travelling in the car for say 5 minutes from the Two Whales Diner to Blackwell Academy, then while Chloe is still driving, just before they reach Blackwell, Max rewinds 4 minutes, what would happen? Max theoretically would stay at that fixed point in space near Blackwell Academy, and the car (that she's touching), unaffected by time reversing, wouldn't move backwards either. Whereas Chloe might suddenly be sitting in the middle of the road back at the Two Whales Diner without Max or her car.

Now perhaps the suggestion is that Max isn't fixed in place and can in fact move through space while she's rewinding, and thus if her touching the car doesn't affect it, then it could carry her back as it reverses while she rewinds, I guess. But it certainly seems in the game like she is rooted to the spot while using her powers, to cut down on complicating factors, I presume.