View Full Version : question for the devs about the server situation.

10th Aug 2014, 13:43
So i dont konw if this affects US players but im constantlly getting disconected from servers. I have made a few threads about this both on steam and on the official forums so im not going to say the same thing over and over again.i just wanted to ask the devs what the situation the server disconnection are you fixing it are you ignorining it. personally this feels like an even bigger issue than the party system. it seems like your ignoring EU players. And to those who may be thinking this guy was here just for the free weekend shut up. I was invited to the closed beta and even bought runestones so obviously i want to support the devs i just cant give them feedback on the gameplay if i cant play.

TL.DR: devs whats the situation with the constant server disconnection mostly for EU servers.(please dont say something basic like we are aware of the problem. i would like an actual update. what have you done/wil do to fix this.)

Ps: if you dont know what im talking about id refer you to a Yt video i uploaded 3 months ago.