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25th Jun 2015, 15:26
First, i love Hitman series, i played all games and a was always suprise with all.
Absolution is a very good game, and could be better with somethings. But I loved it.

So, here is some questions.

But now, I am asking me somethings. With This new Hitman is after Absolution, how 47 has his mark in his head?
How can 47 open a door using a crowbar and nobody heard? Thas a little strange.
And whats happened with Victoria? She will be in this game?

And sorry about my english, it´s terrible, i know.


26th Jun 2015, 10:50
How can 47 open a door using a crowbar and nobody heard? Thas a little strange.

Good question. It's not just strange it's rather stupid. Needless to say it is nowhere near as easy to pull that off as shown in the demo. I guess they tried to create a new tool and were short of any bright ideas.

26th Jun 2015, 17:03
I think you guys are making this too complicated. IOI is apologizing for Absolution with this new title. Don't think of it as a continuation of a story, but rather a new Hitman story. (trying not to say reboot)

26th Jun 2015, 19:37
He does hear, that's why he turns around and tell 47 he's not allowed there.

Victoria can't be in the game, because I an assuming this will be earlier in his life.

26th Jun 2015, 20:23
He do not hear, 47 open the door and throw a crowbar in his head. It´s looks like spotter05 said. No more ideas for something bright. I hope we are wrong.

They sad its going to be after absolution. I am imagining some kind of dreams or memories. But I realy don´t know.

26th Jun 2015, 20:42
The guy who was taken down by 47 was a tech guy or some kind of interior decorator, probably wearing some headset and filling his paper. Look at those who have the same uniform as he does, they all look like deaf.

As for Victoria, well, if she's in this game then obviously 47 might be too old for his world travel won't you agree?

30th Jun 2015, 13:36
I do Agree. If he is younger now, thats probably not a absolution sequel.
Thanks anyway.