24th Jun 2015, 15:52
According to Tetsuya Nomuras statement saying "a remake of 7 will not be simple", that's got ps5 release written all over it.

Taken into account that not only that 15 is still in development, square enix is determined to make it better than 7 in almost every way, they need to flesh out the game engine so they can use it for 7.

Beside why make it exactly the same except better graphics? Granted that it might respect how the original game played, but on the same token it defeats the purpose of playing the original.

They should use 15s combat system/game engine to run 7 remake, and if they did Square I can manage to keep the material system intact.

You have to think, back in NES up to early Playstation days they didn't had the technology at the time to make the kind of game that 15 is, so they had to do turn based style prg with the technology they had at its time period.

24th Jun 2015, 16:52

So much wrong here...where to begin...?

The first RPG I ever played was an action-RPG, and it was created in the 1970's. So, yes, by the time the NES rolled around, they were plenty capable of making action RPGs (and they did). Action-RPGs have coexisted with turn-based for the last ~40 years. Action-RPGs are not new. Nor are they "better" than turn-based RPGs. That's subjective, and millions of people feel the exact opposite as you do. Stop trying to belittle, demean, and make other types of games seem "illegitimate". This is immature.

Secondly, if they make a remake of FF7 an action-RPG, they'll make the biggest group of people that are interested in it jump ship. It WILL hurt sales, despite action-RPGs being the dominant form, currently. Also, they'll be unequivocally revealing that action is what they see as the future of the franchise, and that same group will jump ship on the entire series.

Make this remake an action-RPG, and the entire Final Fantasy series will die.