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24th Jun 2015, 08:38
I’ve been playing the Hitman series for a long time. Literally over half my life. So it’s awesome for me to put out suggestions that I-o Interactive, Eidos, and Square Enix will actually hear. Especially when this is something that I love and have a passion for. I-o Interactive, Eidos, and Square Enix if you follow these suggestions exact, you will successfully create the ultimate Hitman experience. Without further ado, here is the Ultimate Hit List.

• (Misc. Equipment) Allow players to purchase upgrades such as, Painkillers, Adrenaline, different types of Detonators, Bullet Proof Vests, Lock Picks, Binoculars, Goggles(Night Vision, or Thermal), Chloroform Handkerchief x2, Sticky Camera x3 (With night vision capabilities), Gas Mask (Players would be affected by certain gases without it), Wire Camera (To peek under doors instead of looking through key holes. Not all doors will be able to be peeked under).
• (Keep All Weapons) Players should be able to keep all non-miscellaneous weapons that are featured in the game.
• (Gun Customization) All Guns should be able to be fully customized. Ranging from the front of the gun with silencers and muzzles, to under barrel, side rails, sights, ammo type, and buck stocks. Laser pointer lines on guns should be visible to NPCs. Weapons that can be silenced should be able to be silenced. Tactical color customization (Factory Default, Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green).
• (Weapon Case) Weapons such as submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and katana should have cases.
• (Weapons Dealer/ Suit Tailor) A selection in the main menu where players can visit a black market dealer, and a suit tailor. The black market dealer will allow players to purchase every non-miscellaneous weapon that is featured in the game, along with upgrades and attachments. The suit tailor will allow players to customize 47’s suit, save up to 5 suit customizations, and decide whether the suit jacket is buttoned or unbuttoned. Customization colors: Suit shirt (white, black, red, blue, gray, green, yellow, purple, brown), Tie (white, black, red, blue, gray, green, yellow, purple, brown), Suit (white, black, gray, brown, blue), Gloves (white, black, gray, brown)
• (Weapons List)

Knife: Combat Knife, Folding Knife, Bowie Knife, Karambit Knife, Stiletto Knife x3(Since these are throwing knives, the player should have at least 3), Butterfly Knife, Stainless Steel Throwing Cards x52 (These should have the option to be thrown, picked back up, and to be used as a melee weapon).

Handgun: AF-1 Strike One, Beretta M9, Beretta Px4 Storm, Caracal CP, Colt Anaconda, Colt M1911, Colt MEU(SOC), Colt Model 1898, Colt Model 1903 (Pocket Hammerless), Colt Python, Five-Seven, FN Barracuda, Glock 32, MK 23 Mod 0 (Socom Pistol), USP .45, Desert Eagle, Makarov, QSZ-92, P226, .44 Magnum, Vektor Z-88, Walther P99, Webley Bull Dog.

Submachine Gun: Arsenal Shipka, CB-M2, Beretta Mx4 Storm, MP9, Scorpion EVO3, vz.61 Scorpion, FN P90, Famae SAF, HK MP5, HK MP7, UMP45, Mini-Uzi, MAC-10, PP-2000, Spectre M4, Kriss Vector .45.

Shotgun: Armsel Striker, M1014, Bernardelli B4, FN Herstal SLP Mk1, Spas-12, Model 37 Stakeout, Kel-Tec KSG, MPS AA-12, M10, M11, Winchester Model 1300.

Assault Rifle: ACR, AMD-65, AN-94 Abakan AR-18, ASM-DT, Barrett REC7, AR70, CZ2000, CZ805 Bren, ARX-160, HK G36C, SAR-21, M16A4, M4 Carbine, KH2002 (Khaybar), FN Cal, FN F2000, FN SCAR, Fara 83, Ak47, AK-63, AK-74u, HK 417, HK G3, M27 IAR, HK XM8, Tar-21, Thales F90, MAS Famas, SR-556, SIG SG 516, Stoner 63, T91 (Type91).

Sniper Rifle: AW50, L115, L96, Barrett M82, CheyTac Intervention M200, Dragunov SVD, M82, M89, M93, M2010 ESR, MK 14 EBR, PSG-1, VSS, VSK-94, TAC-308, Type 79 (SVD), WA2000.

Melee Weapon: Katana, Cane Sword, Tonfa, Baton, Brass Knuckles.

Non-Lethal Weapon: Taser Gun, Taser

Poison: Lethal Syringe x2, Delayed Lethal Syringe x2 (It would take up to 20 seconds for the target to start showing signs of being poisoned before death), Potassium Chloride Injection x2 (This triggers a heart attack which will cause people to think the target died of natural causes), Sedative Syringe x2.

Grenade: Frag Grenade x2, EMP Grenade x2, Smoke Grenade x2, Tear Gas Grenade x2, Sleeping Gas Grenade x2, Flash Grenade x2, Nerve Gas Grenade x2.

RU-AP Mine: Explosive Mine x2, Tear Gas Mine x2, EMP Mine x2, Sleeping Gas Mine x2, Nerve Gas Mine x2.

• (Hideout (with weapon room and target practicing room)) All weapons that the player unlocks or purchases would be featured here. Players would be able to customize weapons, and test them through target practicing.
• (Battle Damage/ Blood) Damage received from gunshots and other wounds, should show up on the player along with damaged NPCs. Battle damage and blood stains should transfer over from injured NPCs to the play’s new disguise. NPCs’ bodies that have been severely injured will leave blood trails when dragged. NPCs that have been severely injured but still alive, should take time to bleed out.
• (Agency Assistance) Tips on target’s locations and habits, disguises left before hand in each mission for the player, keys, bringing non-concealable weapons to ICA box locations, and extra ammo should all be options for the player (At a price).
• (ICA Storage Boxes) Weapons found in missions should be able to be stored in ICA boxes.
• (Functional Money System) Agency assistance, weapons, weapon customization, weapon retrieval, suit customization, suit repair from injuries, suit retrieval, bribing witnesses, penalties, and other financial deductions should all have appropriate costs. This will justify the amount that players get paid per assassination, and prevent players from having large sums of money left over with nothing to spend it on.
• (Timed/ Fleeing Targets) Certain targets that are not terminated in time will result in successfully leaving the level. Whereas targets that heard a missed shot, explosion, or witnessed a murder, would attempt to flee the level. Fleeing targets would result in a failed assassination attempt featured in the newspaper.
• (Newspaper) Players would be able to read on their current successful or failed assassination attempts.
• (Framing System) the framing system mechanic will allow players to take a weapon that they have killed the target with, and place it in the hands of an unconscious NPC. As long as the NPC is not found or woken up before the end of the mission, the unconscious NPC will be successfully framed and feature in the written story of the newspaper.
• (Rating System/ Penalties) Depending on the player’s actions, ratings (Psychopath, Mass Murderer, Terrorist, Serial Killer, Gangster, Thug, Killer, Lean Killer, Contract Killer, The Eraser, Ghost, Hitman, Hoodlum, Specialist, Professional, and Silent Assassin) and penalties against the player should change accordingly.
• (Notoriety System Improved) Leaving loose ends such as witnesses, video footage, the player’s blood, and other evidence will add to the player’s notoriety. The higher the player’s notoriety, increased levels of law enforcement looking for the player should spawn in random missions. In order to lower the notoriety, players will need to pay the agency to send in an anti-forensics unit to remove any blood, bribe or eliminate witnesses, reporters, and make evidence disappear.
• (Alarms) Fire alarms and security alarms would change not only the mood of the game, but also change its pace. Both alarms should be able to be triggered by the player. NPCs would be alarmed and more frantic, while security and law enforcement NPCs would go on the search for any disturbances.
• (Improved AI) Targets and other NPCs would have random tendencies and paths that they would travel, leaving the player guessing on what approach they would take on each assignment.
• (Timed Knockouts) NPCs that have been knocked out due to physical force should wake up after a certain amount of time has passed. Other NPCs should also be able to wake them up from being unconscious. NPCs knocked out due to chemicals however, should stay unconscious for the remainder of the mission, and should not be able to be woken up by other NPCs.
• (Secret Assassins) On rare occasions, an assassin from a rivaling agency disguised as an average NPC, law enforcement, or a bodyguard will spawn in random missions. Sometimes the assassin that spawns might be there to take out the player when the player is alone, or the assassin could be there to eliminate the same target as the player, resulting in a failed assassination on the player’s part.
• (Carry Limits) 47’s personal carrying load out should consist of 4 slots. Between these 4 slots, players can select between concealable weapons such as Handguns, Knives, Taser gun, Taser, Poisons, Brass Knuckles, Grenades, and RU-AP Mines. Players would have the ability to mix up their personal carrying loadout with any combination they see fit, just as long as it fits in the 4 slots. For example, (handgun, knife, poison, grenade), (taser gun, mine, taser, knife), (handgun, knife, poison, brass knuckles), or even 4 of the same type of weapon just as long as they are different weapons. Such as (handgun, handgun, handgun, handgun). Handguns and Brass Knuckles should have a dual wielding option under their modifications, but dual wielded weapons would take up 2 slots. Non-concealable weapons such as Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Katana should have their own personal weapon cases to be carried into missions. Non-concealable weapons, Cane Sword, Tonfa, and Baton should also have the option to be placed in ICA boxes ahead of time before missions at a price. ICA Boxes should have a 2 Non-concealable weapon limit, and a 2 concealable weapon limit.
• (Lights) Whether from the player’s point of view or an NPC’s point of view, lighting should play a key role in visibility. Shooting out lights or turning them off should reduce visibility and help the player hide more efficiently. Each level should have a power breaker box. Tampering with a power breaker box would not only turn out the lights, but also turn off any cameras, alarms, metal detector check points, and any other security systems that may exist in that building.
• (No Animal Witnesses) Animals should no count towards witnesses or affect a player’s overall mission rating unless killed. Animals should however make loud noises when witnessing murders or if the player goes into a restricted area.
• (Disguise Change Time) The time it takes between changing disguises should be around 10 seconds. If the player is interrupted at anytime between the change, the player reverts back to the disguise they were originally wearing.
• (Random Time/ Weather) When players load into a mission, they should be met with random times of day and/ or weather such as light to heavy rain. Maybe even thunderstorms. Noise from heavy rain and/ or thunder could be used to mask loud acts of violence.
• (Contract Creator) Players would be able to take previously made missions and go into a spectator like mode. From there players would be able to designate 1 main target and 4 optional targets, and if preferred, choose how that specific target is to be eliminated.

Wesley Knight