View Full Version : Any chance of any more new stages?

24th Jun 2015, 02:56

There are too many classic Hitman stages left out not to be a great candidate new set of missions for Hitman GO. Any new missions on the horizon?


25th Jun 2015, 14:14
Hey there,

There are no plans for additionnal content on Hitman GO, the team in now hard at work on Lara Croft GO! ;)

Still, I'm curious as so what levels you would use to make Hitman GO levels! :D

26th Jun 2015, 07:07
Not a fan of Tomb Raider in the least...

Japanese Mansion from SA (for one), as well as ANY other levels from Contracts or Blood Money. Don't think that Absolution would be too good for GO...

Too bad there will not be any additional levels for this game. Just make a sequel to provide us Fans more levels ☺!

7th Jul 2015, 02:47
I was hoping that they'd at least be able to bring Hitman GO to the PS Vita.