View Full Version : 3rd person cover system optional on/off on combat

23rd Jun 2015, 15:38
Hello there,

Just wondering if the new game will give you the option NOT to have the 3rd person cover system rather than become dependent on this?

Either way from the looks of the latest game play trailer the combat system seems a lot more fluid, faster and smoother. Being a HUGE fan of the first Deus Ex I loved to make my JC Denton ultra fast and lethal.


23rd Jun 2015, 16:59
The cover system will be about as optional as it was in the ME3 multiplayer. That is to say, if you can find lots of tall cover to stand behind, or you can tank a lot of damage you don't need to use it. Otherwise it will be sticky cover all the way. There isn't even a lean key. That gives you an idea of how optional the cover system will be.

23rd Jun 2015, 21:07
The game should be in third person period IMHO.

23rd Jun 2015, 21:59
Game supports first-person crouch. While it's no lean keys, I was able to first-person stealth HR on GMDX and I intend to do the same with MD.

27th Jun 2015, 05:24
They need to bring back the lean keys! While I don't have a problem with the 3rd person stealth, the lean keys would be a nice touch (even if I have to bind them myself).