View Full Version : auto attack bug problem, plz help!!!!!!

23rd Jun 2015, 12:56
I'm on THE KING OF CHINA TOWN. and I got a auto attack bug. Even i not touch anything like mouse or keyboard it's just attack on it own. It's just draw a gun and fired around or randomly attack some people nearby causing me can't do anything , blew my cover. Then I start to see what the problem is by taking my mouse off and keyboard off . The problem stay the same. I try to open game's menu when I just point a cursur to something like restart button it's just click on it own not by me because i just point not click it yet. i try this outside with other games like CS:GO and it's not having this problem at all. So what can i do to fix this ? thank you in advance

24th Jun 2015, 12:06
Bigggy, I am guessing English is not your native language? From the above, I gather your mouse is just repeating left click over and over without you actually using it? I would assume the simple things first. Unplug your mouse, and plug a different one in, see if you have the same problem.