View Full Version : Relic Run music

22nd Jun 2015, 21:11

I'd love to have this game's music, I think it's great!

22nd Jun 2015, 23:38
I'll echo that request!

23rd Jun 2015, 03:01
Me too!

The, um... the music in the game... well, anyway, it's encoded between 40 kbps and 80 kbps, definitely to optimize the performance of the game. A CD is 1411 kbps, so it's very low quality. It doesn't sound bad coming out of your mobile device speaker when there's lots of sound effects covering it up, but other than that, not so good.

It was so fantastic that the Temple of Osiris soundtrack was released for free download in lossless WAV format on SoundCloud. It would be amazing if the same could be done here!

28th Jul 2015, 19:16
I agree with you all. ;) The music is rad.