View Full Version : Cheat Codes

22nd Jun 2015, 13:20
Cheat Codes have been apart of the Hitman series from the beginning. Codename 47 all the way to Blood Money had them, letting a player manipulate the game at their own discretion and to enjoy the fun they provided. Yet with Absolution's ridiculous need for always online play, you were no longer able to use them in half of the game. You were able to use Hex editors to alter things when playing the Story Mode, but since you were no longer able to choose weapons for any of the levels, you were stuck with only the weapons available on that specific level. I would love to see the return of cheats that are actually implemented in the game, like they were in Blood Money. Slowing down time, infinite ammo, invisibility...ect. After playing the game as intended, it is always fun to go back and mess around. Perhaps they could have an offline Contracts mode, for those of us who wish to mess around, and an online Contracts mode for when you want to be competitive? Best of both worlds. What do you think?