View Full Version : I wrote a song for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

21st Jun 2015, 08:27
Hey :)
After I saw the beautiful trailer on Monday I couldn't resist and tried to compose a song that would accompany the trailer for the Remake. I also tried recreating the soundscape that's in the original trailer to make it more lively. I am no professional and this is purely fan and homemade but maybe you could tell me what you think about it?


Have a wonderful day :)

22nd Jun 2015, 17:53
It's a pretty song. I kind of feel like it gave the trailer/teaser a Metal Gear Solid feel. Which is kind of weird but not bad by any stretch.
Keep it up :)

22nd Jun 2015, 18:17
Hey thank you very much Rayziyun :) I have honestly never played Metal Gear Solid but I will check out a trailer then :) I wrote this song on the spur of the moment right after I saw the trailer and wanted to play with the athmosphere to make it melancholic instead of menacing. :)