View Full Version : Petition to Square Enix: Update your games!

21st Jun 2015, 04:11
Seeing as how games like Chaos Rings I, II and Omega still haven't been fixed to work on 4.4.3 and above, and many of their games have piss-poor virtual controls (Final Fantasy I, cough), and they won't respond to my emails, I started a petition to get Square Enix to remedy this so that they not only have gamepad support, but they work on Lollipop and above as well.

Click here (http://www.thepetitionsite.com/143/741/915/square-enix-update-your-androidios-games/) and spread the word!

9th Jul 2015, 21:10
Do not spam threads by repeatedly bumping them. There are more productive ways to keep a thread active.

9th Jul 2015, 21:54
And what ways are those?

9th Jul 2015, 22:22
Try to engage more people in conversation. Look around and see if other people share your opinion and invite them to support your petition here in this thread.

11th Jul 2015, 02:30
I don't really want to hijack other people's threads, though.