View Full Version : Whoa, We've Passed (Hopefully) the Halfway Waiting Mark!

21st Jun 2015, 00:38
Time is flying! Can not wait for the coming episode. Dontnod, you are amazing game developers. I hope you guys are thinking of making so kinda season two, or more content based around time travel. I can't stop saying thank you!!! :naughty: So, I figured out the theme of this story. Take more selfies so when you gain time-travel abilities, you will be able to go back in the photo and mess time up completely! :nut:

22nd Jun 2015, 04:48
I kind of hope there's a season two as well. I'm guessing Episode 4 will release July 7th (but it would be cool if it came out the 30th, wink). But yeah, when this is over, I totally would like to revisit this world.

22nd Jun 2015, 15:18
Depending on how this ends, I think Max and Chloe could easily open their own detective agency. Chloe could take martial arts lessons, and learn how to kick butt, Max would be the tech girl. It could work!