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21st Jun 2015, 00:34
I've been playing Hitman for what seems like forever and every time a new game came out I was hoping for a co-op assassination mode.
I think it'd be cool to have assassinations that needed two assassins to complete. It could just be a separate mode with it's own campaign. Has anyone else ever wanted this?

21st Jun 2015, 13:19
While I agree it would be cool, I would prefer to simply see more single player levels than for them to devote time and effort into a multiplayer level. What would be cool, is if they added that feature into Contracts mode.

23rd Jun 2015, 10:25
I think this would be cool but its more suited to splinter cell, in the past someone asked IOI if there will be a multiplayer split screen coop/online multiplayer
and their response was Agent 47 works alone and always has and always will.
Plus how would you feel knowing that the best assassin in the world needs back up.
It would make 47 look like a noob

this is just my opinion. :)