View Full Version : Visual FX death animations AKA dying in style.

20th Jun 2015, 21:22
So far I love the Visual FX for the mystery weapons and i hope to see those added to the weapon forging when it comes out but thats not at all what i came here to suggest it just came to mind as an opening topic.
Although it was probably given away by the title this will be about how Visual FX should also be added to Death Animations for more exotic killing blows.

To better explain I shall start with an example using an element from the visual FX options such as shadow, ice, fire, and toxic but i will pick ice since its my favorite. And now to start with a class and weapon choice, i will pick scout starting with the WarBow.

For WarBow I would like to see the knock down have an added FX effect of ice such as If you shoot a sentinel out of the sky and they happen to hit the ground and live you will see the same process as it regular would appear but with the active FX instead the sentinel will be descending frozen solid after impact from WarBow if they survive the ground impact of the ground an ice layer shatters off of them, if the sentinel catches them selves before impacts the ice should just thaw. But if they die on impact they shatter into the ground becoming ice chunks, shards, and bits sliding across there splatter zone.

For the regular killing blows the Visual FX could display a severed limb with a wound corresponding to the FX that was used to sever the limb, in example Frost FX will leave the end of your arm nub frozen to give the effect that he/she died by frost. on the killing blow, the area that is going to be impacted should be the area to take visual damage. So if i shoot the head I want to see the head shatter in a frost fashion rather then explode bloodily like normal. Almost forgot the torso for the torso I would like to see two possibility's for killing blows starting with the upper torso it could have a hole blown threw it from a scout killing blow, for example target dies by scout shooting upper chest ice shard fly out back side and leave a gaping frozen hole of flesh in the victims chest.
Possibility two lower torso or better know as stomach/solar plexus i would like to see the same effect as the upper chest but with the upper half of the body snapping/snapped off from the lower half, Do to the brittleness from the ice freezing the rest of the mid body section.

For SwiftBow Frost FX I would like to see it just shoot the limbs off the air born targets but not just head, leg, arm, and torso shoots. There should also be severed wings too since a killing blow can be dealt to any body section for wing animation ideas they could shatter to pieces or be clipped off entirely by a precising shot to the wing joints, while the whole frozen wing falls to the ground and shatters on killing blows.

Finally my favorite the StormBow for this one its basically same as the warbow just with its own death animation for frost what i would like to see when my enemies explode in mid air by Visual FX frost applied to stormbow is ice rain, yes when my air born enemies explode I want them to make beautiful sounds and visuals of ice rain pattering down for a few seconds.

I think that's it for now ill let the designers decide what death animations the other visual FX animations shall have.