View Full Version : will the storyline and characters actually be serious?

20th Jun 2015, 13:42

I like hitman absolution, but...
The dialogue between characters is crazy annoying to me and does fit in with the theme of assassination.
I think the game should be grave and dark, not some idiots calling eachother ********s and giant wrestler looking dudes.
Seriously, the dialogue was cringeworthy sometimes.

Will the "hitman" game actually have some dialogue that is worth listening to?

20th Jun 2015, 20:54
While the story was nutty The dialogue actually felt nature and realistic. Bloodmoney actually had the worst in game dialogue.

I agree that the game should be serious, but I disagree with you about the wrestler because it fix's in with your traditional hitman gameplay. The problem with absolution was that they didn't do it in moderation and they turn it into a grindhouse action comedy style. Remember the ninjas in HM silent assassin? The nun costumed assassins were no different really. Just because theres an eccentric element in the game doesn't mean it has to be a comedy.

21st Jun 2015, 13:31
I may be weird, but I say forget any story outside of Agent 47 is a hitman and he has a target to kill. I am interested in a repeatable, evergreen, game that I can play over and over again. A story doesn't really fit into that equation.

21st Jun 2015, 13:54
Narrative has never been the Hitman series' strongest attribute. Hitman 1 through 4 always played very loose with its narrative, telling it predominantly in the margins between missions. Absolution was the first game int he series that was more focused on telling a story. The story wasn't all that bad, either. Sure it had a hokey grindhouse feeling to it and was a bit over the top at times, but I enjoyed it and the plot provided a context for the divergence from the typical mission structure. That being said I'm looking forward to 47 getting back to business and traveling abroad.

For [Hitman] I'd like them to have a compelling plot told within the margins again. The best model for this for me is actually Hitman: Codename 47. In the various missions when you assassinate 47's fathers, you find correspondence letters between them showing connections and weaving a sort of conspiracy that the player can indulge in. Having clues in the missions that actually help tell the story without necessarily guiding or forcing the player's hand would be ideal.

Likewise, if this new game instead chose to drop narrative and plot and instead treat this as a sort of Agent 47 career simulator I can't say I would be all that upset about it.