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20th Jun 2015, 10:07

Square Enix and IO Interactive are happy to announce that there's a collector's edition planned for the physical release in 2016. And here's your chance to choose 3 items that you think would make it to the ultimate Collector's Edition!
Votes are ranked - 1 is the favorite item, 2 and 3 are your runners up.

Vote is live for 1 week only and after that will be closed for counting all of your votes.

The place for your votes is here (https://vote.hitman.com/index.php) but also tell what did you choose in this thread! :)

21st Jun 2015, 07:17
I dug the chair statue as well as the sniper one.

21st Jun 2015, 13:50
I chose the art book, chair statue, and briefcase. All items are awesome, though!

21st Jun 2015, 16:39
It'd be sweet to have a poster of Agent 47 and in the background various locations that he's been to in the past.

I like the tie and char statue though.

21st Jun 2015, 17:45
I can't decide! Here are the ones I'd want.

- Hitman Briefcase
- Artbook
- Agent 47 Statue #3
- Hitman Book End: The Firefight

22nd Jun 2015, 15:56
I went with Tie , sniper statue and the remote duck...it's sweet i just hope i wont regret it like Absolution....

22nd Jun 2015, 18:25
I think a good pick would be:
- Briefcase
- Rubber Duck
- Sniper statue
( Tie should be in the merch store and moreover a plain red tie can also be bought locally)

22nd Jun 2015, 18:55
( Tie should be in the merch store and moreover a plain red tie can also be bought locally)

They used to have the tie and tie clip in the Musterbrand store, along with some Ort-Meyer insignia cuff links.

22nd Jun 2015, 22:26
I voted for:

-Statue #1

At first, I didn't find that briefcase to look anything like the one 47 carries, until I realized it probably looks the way it does in the new game. #blondemoment

23rd Jun 2015, 20:42
I wondered: Will it be possible to preorder the physical collector's Edition and get access to the digital version in advance? I mean - everyone of us wants to play the game at launch but why should we wait for the goodies until 2016?

24th Jun 2015, 02:52
1. Briefcase
2. Art Book
3. Remote Ducky

24th Jun 2015, 11:41
I love the statue's both and would love the brief case to. im a big fan of the hitman serie and can't wait to have a statue in my room ! :)

24th Jun 2015, 11:45
this is my top 3:

1 Statue #1
2 Statue #2
3 Briefcase

24th Jun 2015, 20:03
#1 The sniper statue.
#2 Sitting in a chair statue.
#3 Duck
The sniper statue is something I link deeply with hitman. While the sitting in a chair statue seemed a bit more tied to a certain netflix series. But still looks cool as hell.
Duck.... well, its something only people who followed hitman would get. Kind of me making myself feel good for being 'in the know'.

25th Jun 2015, 03:08
Sniper statue

25th Jun 2015, 07:14
Sitting in a chair statue as #1

Sniper statue as #2

Red tie with the hitman logo clip! as #3

5th Jul 2015, 09:32
1. Sniper statue
2. Briefcase