View Full Version : Idea for starting a 3vs3 and balancing once it';s started

20th Jun 2015, 09:26
When it goes to add people to a game it'd be nice if it would wait till 2 people are waiting then add them at the same time to both sides if theres a 3 vs 3 match going on

And on a side note if enough time has elapsed waiting for the 7th and 8th person in a game maybe it SHOULD start a 3vs 3 game so theres not so much waiting.

20th Jun 2015, 16:05
This would be the smartest move, imo.
Most of the lobbies don't start the game because of 1-2 players, so creating a game mode of 3v3 would enable us to play faster and not have to wait forever.

Also if you consider how many times 4v4 games end up being 3v3 (1 leaver, so other team is kind enough to have 1 sit out), this mode wouldn't be much different from what we play now...