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20th Jun 2015, 08:50
Hi Guys,

I did have a look to around the forum to see if there was a specific area for this but couldn't see one...

Has anyone else had/got an issue with the DX Universe app, I've seen a few of the "QR" images u can scan to unlock various things, so I downloaded the app, and your required to login into it which I went to do using the same details as the square enix site but it gives invalid username/password option, so I go to "reset" the password and it just says that email is not in use, when it clearly is as im posting using the account now here...

Now initially I thought , oh the app and this site isn't linked, no worries i'll just register, enter my email address... "email address already in use"
doesn anyone have any ideas/solutions other that to make a completely separate account with a different email.

many thanks

29th Jun 2015, 14:48
hey fest1984, late reply...the universe app is buggy...a lot ^^...just try again...and some more if needed...the last problem i had, the latest unlocks didn't show up in the list...they fixed it and everything is fine ...for now...patience is key ^^ !

7th Jul 2015, 19:35
Cheers as you say works fine now :)

7th Jul 2015, 23:49
Sweet. :cool:

31st Jul 2015, 01:28
Yes, for me, I simply cannot log in to the app. It says that there's an error right away, every time I try to log in.

I'm hoping that this isn't something having to do with my location (Japan).

Just out of curiosity, where are the these "QR" images to scan? I know about Musterbrand's stuff, but is that it, so far?

I really wish I had been quicker getting the HR Musterbrand clothing! The t-shirts are all sold out, now! :-(

3rd Aug 2015, 15:44

Seriously, no one else is having problems logging into the Deus Ex app??

3rd Aug 2015, 19:17
The lack of response might be because hardly anyone here is using the app.
However, check this previous thread out - it might provide a solution for you?