View Full Version : Guardian Cross is finally out!!

13th Sep 2012, 15:53
Just started playing guardian cross and it's such a great game. It's a card-based game that has both quest and pvp element. I recommend anyone that has a smartphone to give this game a shot. If you'd like, use my invitation code DD99987 to help get you started with a rare card. (And a pretty decent one at that too)

All in all, I have waited months for a follow up to Knights of the Crystals and so far, this game looks very promising!

14th Sep 2012, 15:15
Everyone should use the code BI15895 when creating their character. This code will hook you up and help you dominate.

14th Sep 2012, 22:41
this game is really cool use this code and get a rare gift... bf23392...add me as freind aswell

16th Sep 2012, 08:35
Please join my party and use invitation code NY20669

19th Sep 2012, 07:27
add me as a friend newbie need cards my team name is "Morbid"