View Full Version : Revamp EOE: Eve of Extinction = Free Money

10th Aug 2014, 04:37
Okay, here's a suggestion from just humble me, and it comes with free money, I would assume. I assume that square enix now owns the rights to Eidos Interactive, which includes the ownership of the title EOE: Eve of Extinction. I recently replayed the game and noticed that it would be wonderful if it was revamped with a new engine, camera controls, a better MC, and the list goes on for a short duration. It was very fun, more so than I thought it would be, especially than more than some more modern fighting games, i.e. Darksiders 2, which was enjoyable, but all-together more dull. EOE has substance and intuitiveness, which most games lack, and could potentially be big profit amongst the fighting genre audience, more so now because there's been a lack of fighting games recently that were decent. Of course, this is an opinion, and you don't have to listen to me, but as a fairly large consumer of your games, I would quite enjoy this as just an HD remake with minor tweaks (Josh is a little too edgy btw) :D