View Full Version : Please do NOT add a stealth detection meter.

19th Jun 2015, 01:11
I literally cursed out loud upon seeing this in the game during the gameplay Demo. This system contributes nothing to game play other then hurting the players ability to suspend disbelief and remove tension from the stealth aspect of the game.

I am a massive stealth fan, and what I can tell you is that stealth is most effective when enemy behavior is believable to their character and when tension thrives feature has never been received as good, it really just makes you look at enemies as meters rather then human beings that will recognize suspicious actions. In any game I've seen this feature (Later day Splinter Cell, Far cry) It honestly just hurts the experience.

Everything else I can deal with, just please not this.

I disagree with some other design choices (takedown system for example) But this is one that feels minor enough that the developers would consider removing it if the community was vocal enough about it. If there is any place that we can directly make this suggestion visibile to eidos montreal, please let us know.

Human Revolution is one of my favourite games ever and I don't want to resent it's sequel based on a silly system.

19th Jun 2015, 01:56
Barking up the wrong tree. Human Revolution would have been a very different game if the developers had listened to the fans during development. At this point almost all the design elements of MD are final, and simply need to be ironed out. Don't look for anything to change between now and release, but you may see an option to turn the detection meter off.