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18th Jun 2015, 19:35
Will this one work on windows 8? Cause i know Absolution didn't.
I already work fulltime in a supermarket having to deal with hillbilly retards daily so when i get home i just want to relax,
not having to figure out how to fix a game i paid for so it'll work on my desktop that i got after they stopped selling windows 7 as standard OS.

18th Jun 2015, 22:16
Yes, Win 7+ but 64bit only!

23rd Jun 2015, 17:12
Not trying to hijack your thread, but with many people getting the free upgrade to Windows 10 this year, will it work on Windows 10?

24th Jun 2015, 02:56
Bump... (!)

3rd Jul 2015, 16:11
Absolution didn't work at windows 8? Lmao. I played it on windows 8 without issues.