View Full Version : With FFVII coming out with a Remake, what other games would you want a Remake of?

8th Jun 2012, 23:14
What games you wished had a sequel on the ps2 or xbox 360?For me it was the following.

1.VAGRANT STORY:I was disappointed that what looked like a possible sequel for this puzzle heavy game would've made the leap from ps1,ps2and then to the ps3.It ended with ASHLEY RIOT gaining all of his powers and memories and then,.... nothing!C'mon sqeenix hook a brotha up here!VAGRANT STORY 2 please!

2.FINAL FANTASY TACTICS:This was my first strategy rpg and I loved it.Ihad just finihed FFVII and I was yerning for more.Then came this masterpiece of a game ff tactics.FF TACTICS WAR OF THE LIONS was great and all,but it was the same game with some extras thrown in.A true sequel to this strategy monster would be greatly appreciated.

9th Jun 2012, 01:59
I want legend of dragoon to have a sequel they build up for it at the end(friend showed me it) and they didn't do it. Story wise it's was like playing a final fantasy game.

9th Jun 2012, 05:20
Yeah,I've heard of LEGEND OF DRAGOON,but never played it.It featured a woman named ALICIA right?

10th Jun 2012, 23:57
I want The World Ends With You to have a sequel badly I aways wondered what and who joshua really is and why Neku hated people

11th Jun 2012, 01:20
To soulking, Joshua is the composer (TWEwY's equivalent of a god) and Neku... in the 22nd (the non-canon) day he hates people because he used to be really attached to a close friend who got killed in a car crash, and after that while dealing with the depression he decided friends weren't worth it. I don't know if that follows over to the canon storyline or not, but it's safe to say that something tragic must have happened to him to force him to think that such introversion was the best way to go through life

As for SE games that should get sequels, almost every game of theirs that I've played has had a nicely wrapped up storyline and did not need one

16th Dec 2014, 04:53
Gotta go with the world of FFVIII. *Balamb Garden sounds like the best college experience (yes, I know they were highschool age, shut up) ever! *Who wouldn't want to fight dinosaurs and learn to use magic at school?

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16th Dec 2014, 15:13
How about FFT Advance and A2? :) Did you play them?
Personally I would love to see sequal of FF9 with the same main characters, and maybe FF8 and FF5 :)
It could be amazing sequels, I can imagine))
p.s. I've played LEGEND OF DRAGOON, the main character reminded me Cloud from FF7, also gamaplay and the whole game looks similar to FF. It was pretty nice game, the only thing I didn't like in the gameplay - long animation which can't be skipped, what I liked the most - nice combo-attack system

23rd Dec 2014, 01:38
Hey everyone. WELL! I just finished the Secret Chapter of my Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD and WOW! Nice lil teaser vid! I did a lil net digging and stuff and saw that KH BBS Vol 2 is still on the backburner keepin warm which is always nice to know, and its certainly something I'd be interested in playing!

In recent years, I'd drifted away from the usual staples like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, opting for more actiony games that still maintain a level of RPG type leveling and customization and story depth. Kingdom Hearts fills that need rather nicely and the fact that they've finally gotten around to making an actual KH 3 is VERY nice indeed! However, there are certain titles that have been getting NO love from the company and I just wish SOMETHING would happen with them.

Ever since Square devoured Eidos, I've been starving for a new Legacy of Kain game, buuuut obviously I've been kept wanting :( Where the storyline left off in Defiance has always bugged me....NOW Kain knew who his true enemy was (someone Raziel knew since his transformation) and he knew that enemy was injured and going into hiding...but what then? WHAT HAPPENED?!? Ugh

Anyways, I see Nosgoth is going back into closed BETA this Feb. and that sounds very interesting. I'm hoping the game ignites an interest in a new generation of gamer while perking the old skooler's back into the series as well. Hopefully this will give the Square folks incentive to possibly rerelease the older games in a nice HD Collection to reinvigorate newer fans with the classics and gather interest and HOPEFULLY work on a Defiance 2 or some other subtitle under the LoK label and continue the story.

Here's hoping at least :p

4th Jan 2015, 11:39
Front Mission 3 (I know but a sequel with the same tactical scheme.)

18th Jun 2015, 03:12
I'm SUPER EXCITED for the Final Fantasy VII remake! I just hope they don't make too many changes that would change my feelings about it. I love the old-school turn based battle systems, the new ones have too much going on for me. I loved Final Fantasy 1 through 10. After Final Fantasy X, I couldn't finish any other FInal Fantasy game. I own Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Lightning Returns as well and I couldn't get passed the first half the game because my lack of interest in the gameplay. You couldn't even free roam that much. But anyways, back to the topic. I really want to see Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI Remakes with the same old-school turn-based gameplay and stories but with the new generation graphics. The Nintendo DS 3D remakes got me pretty excited and I had fun playing but I've always wanted to see those games in current generation graphics. I loved the stories, gameplay, characters, airships, and music. I loved everything about those games.

I'd also want to see Chrono Trigger new generation graphics remake or even a 3D remake, similar to a fan made one I've seen a while back, and a Chrono Cross remake would be amazing as well!

18th Jun 2015, 05:33

Thank you for finally hearing our voices over the remake of ff7. I have a request of three games that would like to be made. The following games that I would like to see a return.

1. Threads of Fate(Dewprism [jp]) sequel or remake
2. Valkyrie Profile sequel
3. Chrono Trigger or Cross sequel/remake

I understand that you guys have a lot of studio busy with other titles, however, I feel this games are not having much attention even thou they got a very dedicated fan base. I am dead serious of Threads of Fate being remade or sequel. I feel that game was one the unique games that you played over and over just for the story and the beautiful songs.

20th Jun 2015, 00:25
I would love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VIII. But that's only if they don't screw up FFVII by turning it into a FFXIII linear style, ARPG. They need to preserve all the awesomeness and nostalgia from FFVII like side-quests, Chocobo breeding and racing, gold saucer, world map. And yes even dressing Cloud up like a girl :).

23rd Jun 2015, 22:11
How about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Wii U?

Take out all the parts that were annoying:

Don't require everyone to own a handheld console to play in multiplayer, let all party members play with regular controllers.
Don't punish multiplayers by making one of them carry the chalice. Have an NPC carry it for the party like in single player, or remove it completely.
The Wii U tablet gamepad could be nice for displaying the map like the gameboy advance/sp was in the original, but DO NOT require it for play. Allow a party of 4 to play with all gamepad pros or other regular controllers.

Improve the story and how the players interact with it, and have VAs for some spoken dialogue, especially player character dialogue.
If you are going to have cut-scenes, make sure all players in the game are included so no one feels left out or like an extra.
Have some extra customization options for the players, and have more interactions with npcs and caravans

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 2 or Crystal+ or Crystal Crusade could be a system seller. Just give people what they keep asking for! Nintendo seems to have problems doing this, so it's up to 3rd party devs. Square-Enix definitely seems to have their heads on straight by remaking FFVII since there is still such a huge fanbase for it after all these years..

7th Jul 2015, 08:10
Remakes is an inteteresting subject. For what its worth i feel humbled being a gamer with 8bit to now.

15th Jul 2015, 13:20
Some more Dragon Quest games. I'd like to see 3DS remakes of Monsters 1 and 2 from the Game Boy, and Dragon Quest VII from the PS1, and stuff like that.

Oh wait, those remakes ALREADY EXIST, but the drooling twits in charge of this company haven't allowed them to escape glorious privileged Nippon.

2nd Aug 2015, 23:07
Personally, as someone who grew up in the NES/SNES era, I was thinking they should remake Secret of Mana for a lot of good reasons:

1. it has a solid group of people for whom it was one of their first RPGS (very nostalgic) and considered legendarily good
2. it has a multiplayer option (which seems to be a factor in creating new RPGS these days)
3. it was recently released on mobile platforms to new players
4. it has an original battle system that needs only a little tweaking
5. AND it originally had a solid chunk of the game cut out due to the demise of the SNES cd-rom add-on. A remake could re-incorporate the rumored 40% or so of the game that was cut out to make the game how it was originally intended to be. They could also correct a lot of the bugs, update the graphics, sound, improve the translation, etc.

7th Aug 2015, 05:43
Ok... Star ocean second story/evolution. Hands down. They had some **** game that came out on gameboy colour called blue sphere that never became anything. So many games from square/enix, prior from them being one, should be re-made. Now I know they made it for psp in HD, which was great, not complaining, but there was so many ways they could have re-made it to be, not a good, but a GREAT game... Break damage limit, new killer moves, super killer moves stoic style, or other means, team skills, new dungeons, new weapons/armer, new added story line, to give the story more depth than it already has. I loved the story, game play was soooo addicting, the secret dungeons were the tits, the music sublime. I don't think i've ever played a game for so long, and I play diablo 3 since release... So many different times on psx/psp... different characters, different difficulty, different ending, different platform... I never got bored... With a 4-D difficulty, becuase I played it so much that I masterd it so that I had universe beat from start without forged medal... PLEASE re-make this game AGAIN!... I know it wont happen, just runnin off hopes and dreams. lmao

7th Aug 2015, 06:41
They had a sequel for valkrie profile on ps2. Valkyrie profile 2 silmeria :)

17th Aug 2015, 07:41
I would love to see Xenogears Remake, But leave the Combat System the Same.

20th Aug 2015, 05:24
If you exclude Tri Ace, who has only made one game I didn't like in their history, there have been a dozen or so Square games I thought were OK (100% of which were on the PS2 or earlier console) but only 2 I was ever crazy about. Those were FF7 and Chrono Cross. So obviously Chrono Cross is the other one I'd like to see a remake of, though a FAITHFUL sequel might be just as good.

20th Aug 2015, 14:45
Bring Dragon Warrior/quests part 1 to ??? on Playstatioin 4, but keep the Combat System..

21st Aug 2015, 03:22
I'm amazed that Squire Enix didn't make anymore Combat system like Xenogears, the Martial Arts combat system.. I love that game.. Also I thought the Gears was good as well. Perhaps bring Gundam series on Playstation 4 and use same Battle system as Xenogears?

21st Aug 2015, 07:51
R.A.D. :D

10th Sep 2015, 19:44
Personally, as someone who grew up in the NES/SNES era, I was thinking they should remake Secret of Mana for a lot of good reasons:

1. it has a solid group of people for whom it was one of their first RPGS (very nostalgic) and considered legendarily good
2. it has a multiplayer option (which seems to be a factor in creating new RPGS these days)
3. it was recently released on mobile platforms to new players
4. it has an original battle system that needs only a little tweaking
5. AND it originally had a solid chunk of the game cut out due to the demise of the SNES cd-rom add-on. A remake could re-incorporate the rumored 40% or so of the game that was cut out to make the game how it was originally intended to be. They could also correct a lot of the bugs, update the graphics, sound, improve the translation, etc.

I Fully agree.
I Would also like to see "Secret of evermore", "Chrono trigger" and Terranigma".

9th Jan 2016, 02:51
If we're doing remakes, let's do more pre-FFVII games, i.e. 8-16 bit era, since those are the games where we can see the biggest jump. FFVII is nice, but it was 3D to being with. So while VIII might be nice, it's too recent in my books. When SE remade Saga 2 & 3, THAT was mind blowing.

So on that basis, I'd love to see:
-A REAL remake of the best FF game ever, FFVI. (Not just a couple cut-scenes)
-Any of the original Seiken Densetsu trilogy games, although my preference would be 1 > 3 > 2
-Any of the DQ classics. Why not DQ1, arguable the catalyst of the JRPG?
-And yes, the Original Chrono Trigger (or Cross). Just take my money now.

6th Mar 2016, 11:16

like a dream !!!

18th Jun 2016, 21:11
I hope this is not off topic but I think not!:)

Is there a chance that Romancing Saga 2 Remake and FF Adventure Remake will be released on Nintendos 3DS/ PS Vita?

I'm happy that they found their way out of Japan at all but I'm not the one who plays videogames on Android or ios.

So I asked myself if there is a chance that they will be released on the Nintendo- and Sony-Mobile-Consoles? I think there would be a bunch of buyers who would appreciate this :-)

19th Jul 2016, 19:22

20th Jul 2016, 13:54
I definitely want a PS1 Xenogears remake. Thought that was equally as brilliant as Final Fantasy VII.

3rd Aug 2016, 21:31
I know, that it is very unlikely, but I always wanted remake of Front Mission 3. Front Mission 3 is one of my favorite games of all time :)

3rd Aug 2016, 22:44
I always wanted sequels to FF8 & FF9. FF7 got Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children and a bunch of other games. I'd like to return to the worlds of 8 & 9 also.

6th Aug 2016, 21:17
FFIX by far gets my vote. It was one of my favourite games growing up especially out of the final fantasy series. I love high fantasy so it would be really interesting to see how they would approach it. I def want to hear the voices and dialogue for garnet and Vivi as well as every one else. Maybe even more info on garnet and echos plus vivis backstory. Every character and aspect in that game had ingesting stories and concepts and I'd love to see more of it done with today's technology.

27th Aug 2016, 05:28
My most wanteds would be...
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy 8 & 9
Legend of Dragoon was amazing, though I'm pretty sure it was Sony
Star Ocean: Til the end of time... With the recent release of what I felt was a disappointing entry, I'd like to see my favorite come back.
Dissidia games on PS4 would probably be pretty awesome.

31st Aug 2016, 16:39
Bring back Azure Dreams, Final Fantasy Tactics, Soul Blazer and even a new BrainLord would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st Sep 2016, 13:50
Parasite Eve.

I'd pay any price for a full remake of that game, and the return of the franchise.

7th Dec 2016, 12:13
Seeing how they utterly failed with FF15, i sure hope they will only make Remakes and nothing else anymore. If they want to do something new, then they have to change a lot of ppl who worked on that sad excuse of a game.

As for the Remakes, FF6 and 9 would be nice, are the best out of the Series.

7th Dec 2016, 17:28
I miss the tactics games final fantasy tactics for playstation and Gameboy they where great now if they could just update them and bring them online so u can play with other people and have VS matches :worship: