View Full Version : Did Square tip us off about a FF7 HD Remake?

18th Jun 2015, 01:42
I remember telling my wife after watching the announcement trailer for this game and saying that two scenes stuck out to me in the beginning. The floating in the water scene, and the standing at the fire scene, both looking like iconic scenes from Final Fantasy VII. I said, "I don't want to get my hopes up, but I wonder if this is a tip off that they are doing a remake..."

I really want to know from Square if I was right, or if this was unintentional.

18th Jun 2015, 01:52
Floating in water and especially standing at fire are quite common scenes. So I really don't think so.

The announcement for the remake is very nice for the fans. I can't help but think it is disappointing they just started production on it and it might me a long time coming before it is actually finished.

18th Jun 2015, 01:57
Yeah, I didn't know for sure obviously, but with it being Square, and the trailer being released 2 months before FF7 announcement, seemed like there's room for reasoning that it was deliberate.