View Full Version : Request For Square-Enix about language

18th Jun 2015, 00:48
I only want to point out that I would purchase all your Final Fantasy games on Steam if you guys where to relese the Japanese Interface and subtitles for us western players. This is because I am one of those many who like to play japanese games in the original language and also uses them to improve the knowledge of the language.
For now of your games on Steam I only own The Last Remnant,since is the only one that offers japanese audio/interface/subtitles.
I hope that someone that works at Square-Enix will read this and think about it,or that someone else bring this to their attention :) :wave:

19th Jun 2015, 21:37
Noone? I hoped is some kind of reply to know what you guys think about it,but can't tell if too few people interested in this,or just because of only 24 people viewed this... =_= it sucks we can't contact Square-Enix and let them know x_x

Ayway,just to expand on what I said before,I want to play japanese games to improve my knowledge of the language,but is not like I cannot play english games,in fact I own a lot of games with english language.
The thing that is lowering my opinion of Square-Enix is that in my view,they are greatly disrespecting us. In not like they don't have the japanese menu or subtitles for their games,they just choose to keep them inside japan.
If I pay them for their product,I expect them delivering me the same things they delivered to other players in the world (Japan included), simple as that! So if I don't get menu and subtitles in japanese language (while others have) just because I'm western,then they are greatly disrespecting me,and is something you wouldn't expect to see from japanese,since everyone picture them as respectful and polite. Nope,this move is extremely rude,since they are imposing on us in which language we should play,is just like saying "you western are too stupid to play japanese"...please let me decide that,Square-Enix.
Seriously,greatly disappointed from them,even if they where to release a huge bomb as FF7 remake,pretty sure I won't support them by purchasing that game,if they don't go back on this languages marketing position.