View Full Version : Hitman Fighting Style

18th Jun 2015, 00:16
What are people's views on how 47 should fight? if needed.

Hand to hand or hand to gun combat.

I do not expect 47 to throw kick's.
I expect clean and precise striking.
The use of fists, elbow and knees.

The only use i could see for 47 kicking would be the removal of a firearm from a downed enemies hand, kneeling or a very small enemy.
I can't help but think that the big bald head also has potential as a weapon. Is this too aggressive?
It feels wrong for Hitman to headbutt, he is far too classy.

A chop comes to mind, eg: James Bond, chop on rear of neck, feels a bit cheap and sloppy. The sleeper hold and drag away is a far easier way to dispose of a target and reduce the fall noise.

I must admit I Iiked the bar fight in absolution. The fighting does add another depth to the game, Although rarely used I do enjoy competing each level with no weapons. Sorry am hardcore.