View Full Version : Map creation - Fan maps ?

17th Jun 2015, 23:48
Hi again.
From what I have read so far, Hitman 6 will be called Hitman and come with updates and community assignments.
I presume the updates / new assignments / maps will be free DLC and created by the same people that are making the launch title maps.

Is there any possibility fans can create maps and contribute them with a chance that they may be officially released or used to inspire new maps??

Without taking anything away from previous maps. We all have our favourites.
I have always wished for a way to edit Hitman, this would only expand the game further for me.

I used to create maps for Duke Nukem 3d, Half-life, Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat all because of the love I had for gaming.
It is not possible to create maps for Battlefield or Absolution, no other games interest me. I feel the PC community is dead and the focus is on console gaming.

How can fans be actively involved in the development of Hitman?

Contracts mode was fun for a couple of hours. Once all your favourite maps where played with varies weapons and techniques the mode had completed it's purpose. I was frustrated I could not push this mode further. I have few friends on steam, which made competing pointless.

All I wanted to do was create exciting levels :(