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17th Jun 2015, 23:35
Hi people.

I was a fan of the little role play parts such as interacting at the Budapest hotel desk, retrieving a box of roses to reveal a shotgun. Nice terminator 2 reference. Also loved other movies references built into the game accordingly.

I really enjoy the options available and the MORE the better. My favourite missions of all time are the Budapest hotel and the English manor. The range of choices was great, especially the pillow to the face.

Small details like applying a D.N.D sign to a hotel room are fascinating triggers which change the world of Hitman, We must see more fiddly options which can change the course of Hitman history.

One think i found annoying about Absolution was the lack of the ability to talk or even order food at the Chinese market.
I presume the talking would be a multiple choice list eg: Monkey Island style. I believe this may add some fun depth to the game and make the experience feel more natural than standing still like a tool.

What are other people's views on RPG elements and more minor interactive objects.

When i say RPG, I mean lightly, not transform the genre.

18th Jun 2015, 09:39
I gotta agree. It's all the little details (such as the DND sign on the door) that made previous hitman games what they were. Getting the fake gun at the coat stand (or not) etc.

Hitman has always been about choice for me... it's one of the things that hurt Absolution so much in my eyes.

18th Jun 2015, 14:03
I forgot about the fake gun and cut out target. Excellent, fooled me.

I can not say I was a big fan of the Hitman on Hitman part of the story. But how it was handled was great.

Conditional actions result it a range of consequences.

Any more tiny details which shaped the Hitman genre?