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17th Jun 2015, 22:55

Io-Interactive reveals world's first gameplay trailer for HITMAN™ at E3 2015
The world exclusive gameplay trailer for HITMAN showcases Io-Interactive’s newest chapter in the series.


The target is Victor Novikov, a Russian billionaire and one of the ringleaders of an enigmatic spy ring called IAGO. They deal in secrets that unseat governments and get people killed, and they are about to compromise covert operatives in a major European country.

47 arrives at the Sanguine fashion show in Paris to eliminate the target. You have complete freedom of approach and it is your choice whether to use brute force or orchestrate a genuine masterpiece of assassination.

Please tell what do you think about the trailer!

17th Jun 2015, 23:53
Can't conclude anything on player freedom since the trailer is mostly focused on stylized shots. I can say Io got the "47 walk" right though.

18th Jun 2015, 01:00
I think all the trailers are awesome my favorite is the announcement trailer
the gameplay trailer I wish it was longer and it contained real gameplay not ingame cameras but it still looks awesome.

I cant wait for hitman to be released on the 8th december this year

18th Jun 2015, 12:54
From this all, I am officially really looking forward to this.
Sounds like they are really doing a great job (read the ama and watched the vids). While I need more info on some things, everything else sounds great.

p.s Love how you can unlock the rubber duck in your loadout. I can't find any other hidden stuff in the trailer though anyone else :)