View Full Version : Who here hopes the game dynamics of FF VII remains intact?

17th Jun 2015, 22:42
I was just reading an article that points at my worst fear for the FFVII remake. I don't want the Battle system or the Materia System to change.


Really, I am hoping to see what many have been asking for, and that is FF VII with a the best graphics we can do. I can accept some extras or side story arcs but really do not want to see the core of the game changed. One of the things I think has been missing in the newer FFs is the hardcore turn based JRPG format. All of this active battle system where the team operates on their own is really annoying.

I would like to know how many are on this forum and agree with this outlook I know from what I have seen within my social media setting that many are in agreement and if a battle system like XII, XIII and the upcoming XV makes an appearance in the remake it will ruin the game. Much of what this remake is for gamers is nostalgia, so changing the battle system would lose much of that draw.

18th Jun 2015, 02:59
Yeah, I really hope they stay intact. I really love the old school turn-based battle systems. I don't really like the new action battle systems that they use in the current Final Fantasy games. I loved every single Final Fantasy game from Final Fantasy I to X. After that, I never could really finish any Final Fantasy game after that. I own Final Fantasy XIII and XIII Lightning Returns and I didn't even get past the first part of the game because as much as the graphics look amazing, I wasn't really feeling the new battle system.

18th Jun 2015, 05:05
I hope too... all REAL fans of FFVII hope this ! Some that talk about a new system simply aren't fans.... Square-Enix will do what they want, maybe they'll not listen to fans like Ubisoft and ACU... If they do this, REAL fans will be upset and many won't buy the game... Is it the purpose of this remake ???

Really Square-Enix, you'll made of FFVII Remake what you want : a big success or an epic fail... Want to bet ?

Edit : bcriza : Concerning myself I simly never played FF games that aren't turn-based games... For me FF is ending at FFX-2...

Edit : Or yes, REAL fans want ONE change : a better translation !

18th Jun 2015, 06:13
I would agree, the overall mechanics need to be kept intact to the original. If anything maybe some tweaks in specific boss mechanics to mix the bosses up a bit for old players. Also bugfixes.

If they felt the need to change the combat system and update it a little I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to the FFX battle system...as long as the Materia system stays intact. I like being able to mix up the classes like that.

18th Jun 2015, 17:04
I don't see any reason why the materia system would be changed in any big way. Maybe some stuff will be added like the Materia creation stuff from Crisis Core, maybe some extra customization things.
But on the whole I think the Materia system will remain largely as is.

This doesn't really seem like the thread to discuss (combat) system changes, but if anyone wants to I've got some opinions over Here (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=156600)

18th Jun 2015, 22:25
I would also like to point out the awesomeness but might not likely happen is online multiplayer Chocobo racing at Gold Saucer, where we can breed our own Chocobos and race them against friends online. It seems impossible but would be awesome

19th Jun 2015, 00:01
It's not impossible, and it would be completely awesome. It is unlikely though.

EDIT: I wonder if the chocobo stamina cheat will be kept intact.

19th Jun 2015, 07:52
I think they've come too far with their engine to ignore utilizing it. In that sense I'm sure it'll play similar to FFXV, however it would be cool to have some thing like a new game plus that plays the exact same way as it did on PSX (only in 3D). I wouldn't want the literal exact same game with just insane graphics. Basically what I'm hoping for is an option to toggle battle styles in the options? Kinda like setting the ATB bar to WAIT.