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17th Jun 2015, 21:47
For those who haven't seen it yet: there are some new interviews, infos and a little bit more ingame footage on hitman.com.




There is also a AMA on reddit from a guy who had the permission to play the new Hitman.

Edit: Especially the AMA on reddit has tons of (new) information!

17th Jun 2015, 22:37
Thanks for gathering all info into the post. I'll pin it to the top!

More interviews:

IGN with Christian Elverdam

PC Gaming Show - Interview with Hakan Abrak

Polygon interviewing Hakan Abrak

18th Jun 2015, 21:20
Has there been any hints on a estimate as to when the Beta will be up for those who pre-ordered on PS4?

27th Jun 2015, 09:29
AngryJoe interview with Hakan Abrak

18th Jul 2015, 13:30
Some interesting under-a-minute footage from a YouTube user called 'Hitman'. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCSFbNnOVFlSIx9I4p6JL_Eg

22nd Jul 2015, 18:35
Hannes Seifert is giving a talk about modular sandbox design in August. Please see the introduction here


It is interesting to notice that the following ideas can be implied from this text:
-When IO said this is going to be the biggest Hitman ever they we're referring to their new found way of producing large amounts of quality content via a modular approach. Quote from the link above:"we have changed our traditional monolithic level structure into a much more modular structure, allowing us to reuse game components across missions. This talk is about the changes we have made to our tools and workflows to accommodate that, and how it has improved our productivity."

- The digital episodic release format may very well have been fundamentally connected with IOs Hitman design principles, contrary to some people's views that the release format is mainly a ploy to coincide with the movie release while downplaying the fact that the game is unfinished. It could be that with the new way of development they organised their schedule around a modular release format as well.

-If the two implications above are correct then we may expect IO to be in a position where it's difficult for them to pull a u-turn and revert to physical format even if they want to. Unless we're looking at a much later release date to accommodate the time needed to pack in the disc enough content. It's very possible to use the new modular development for the traditional release, but more time is needed because IO preassumed a modular release format which is more permissive with time